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My patented and life changing Spine Alinger is the solution to your lower back pain and pelvic problems. With the techniques that is being done all around the world I have been able replicate a device that eliminates pain with their lower back pain.

Stabilizing Bar

This is part of the Spine Aligner Core Pack. This stabilizing bar is a rigid bar that helps keep the Spine Aligner in place while you use it.

You can upgrade to the massage bar in the Add-Ons section.

Massage Bar

This comes with the the Whole Shebang. An upgrade to the stabilizing bar, use this to roll over tight areas to help mobilize joints and improve range of motion. The steel stick doesn’t flex or bend when pressure is applied. Ball bearings in the handles allow for smooth rolling on both skin and clothing.

Mini Bar

Mini Exercise Bands are 9″ L x 2″ W. Use them for lateral steps, leg extensions. Mini-Bands can be used anywhere – on the field, at home, in the clinic or gym, or even when traveling. By using resistance bands you can target the hips to keep back pain away for good.

Purchase The Assessment Workout Program!

With purchase of spine aligner you will receive an online exercise program rather than manual. The website will provide progressive videos that will assess step by step of the misaligned hips or pelvis. After completing the assessment you will have access to The how to use page, followed by the exercise page. It’s like a practitioner is at your house with you. The intention of the flow chart assessment design is do to the many variables of why you have pain or discomfort.

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spine aligner step 1

1. Push one leg out and pull one leg in

spine aligner step 3

2. Push legs out

spine aligner step 2

3. Squeeze legs in

The Difference

The SpineAligner is different from many of the tools, gadgets and gizmos you see advertised on TV. Generally, each tool has specific functions, such as muscle massage, trigger point release or even traction. Here are some of the examples and their prices. None of them however provide the total solution to low back pain.

How It Works

Spine Alinger is an effortless way to safely address the underlying causes of back, hip, and even knee pain caused by misalignment’s.

My Three easy steps

  1. Push one leg out while pulling one leg in.
  2. Push legs Out.
  3. Squeeze Legs in.


Luke Chichetto

About Luke

Hello My name is Luke Chichetto between working in the NFL and MLB as well as clinics I have helped 1000’s of people suffering get back to living their lives the way they were meant to live.

One of the most common concerns I have been helping clients with is lower back pain! Through my research and experience I have a fundamental understanding of the underlying causes of lower back pain. Did you know the root cause of these pains start in your pelvis? The two sides of your pelvis move when you move but as we progress in life we start sitting more and working out less, eventually losing motion and strength. The pelvis is your base of support and distributes upward and downward force through your body. If the pelvis is weak, stuck, or out of alignment it leads to an uneven distribution causing back pain, bulged discs, sciatica, hip pain, and knee pain. If we strengthen, realign, and stabilize our pelvis we can change everything


“As a board certified physician in practice for over 20 years, I recognize and value excellence in health and healing. Spine Aligner will exceed all your expectations on your road to recovery. I would still be in pain. I am forever grateful for the spine aligner. ”
Lara Cavanaugh

“The greatest think about the Spine Aligner, it allows me to get instant relief while I am at home. I just do the 3 easy steps from the instructions and I am good to go.”
Bob Krone

“The Spine Aligner Fixed my back! I suffered with excruciating, chronic back pain that would come and go for years. It prevented me from playing the sport I love. Now I am back to myself.”
Marshall Ames